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Origins of a Shaving Fetish and current thoughts

I went to visit my girlfriend, my first real long term relationship girlfriend, where we had learned intimacy, pushed our boundaries and bodies, and taught and learned so much from each other.  She was a avid reader— good enough to earn herself a scholarship. 

I went to visit her at her apartment one night. A cold late autumn night, and her room mate was staying with her boyfriend. We were all alone.

She was in the middle of a book, and she chose book over me. So I mostly sat there and had a couple drinks… maybe 3 if I recall, patiently (ok, lets be honest here IMpatiently waiting for her to finish the damn book!)  Seemed like by then a couple hours passed, and book was finally done. Perhaps sensing my guard was down from the drinks I think she had something in mind all along.  She unbuttoned my slacks, and let her hands explore me before saying “hey I want to try something”.  I had no idea what she had in mind.  She returned with a disposable razor *  [*I’ve since become a shaving expert, but truth is many don’t s for shaving tips 101 do’s and don’ts were violated here, chalk it up to youthful exuberance and no internet to research such things]. She didn’t even say anything, and I didn’t either. but she started dry shaving my pubic area.  I’m not an overly hairy person anyway, but there was a thick thatch there to fuss with… a task that was doomed to take a while (that’s not a bad thing!) to get me smooth and clean. The process was VERY arousing.  I was sporting a level 4 excited erection soon after she started.  I loved that touches to the erection were unintentional; just a by product of the motions of what she was doing and my appendage being right there in the heat of things. Sometimes she would have to address the erection with her soft hands to move it from where she was working. Eventually it was clean shaved, shocking looking to me at the time. I hadn’t looked like this since before I was a teenager!  I wondered, How long till it grows back, and what IF  have to get in a locker room! yikes.  But none of that mattered.  My adventurous girl and turned over an erotic stone I honestly hadn’t even thought about. And she was ready to play with her creation, taking my erection into her excited and loving mouth, showering my hardness with kisses, wetness and a pattern of stimulate intended to produce orgasm.

A week later, we were in my bed and it was time for another horny romp of young lust. This time, to my surprise she had shaven her pubic area. WOW!  I was already addicted to licking kissing sucking tasting and indulging in her wetness with her hairy little patch decorating her feminine beauty like tinsel or garland, but this fur- free look had me irresistibly wanting to dive in.  Of course I did.

It feels different when giving oral to a woman that is hairless.  It makes my comparative technique of french kissing on the mouth to kissing the vagina even more similar. There’s squeegie-clean squeakiness to it all with the smooth skin, the saliva, and girl wetness all there. Her wetness stands out even more.  And not to pick sides on the side of shaved vs. not shaved, but if I have the pleasure of being in the company of a fine lady who either takes off her panties or has me do the honor, and she’s shaved, I take that as a neon sign reading I LOVE RECEIVING ORAL SEX PLEASE MAKE ME CUM, NOW! And I generally hop to it! No hairs in the mouth, that’s nice. But the real erotic  pleasure to me is being able to lick my tongue along everywhere, skin to skin, without that buffer. Licking little circle hearts over the mons pubis (sexiest sounding anatomical name since the labia!).  Sometimes I pretend that pussy is kissing me back when I’m frenching her (and sometimes it does).

I’m not sure always how girls feel about finding me clean shaved; women have personal preferences and quirks like we all do.  I’ve been clean shaved off and on since that first expeience. Sometimes going without shaving for years, more recently been completely clean shaven for the last few years solid (by the way the skin by then is long adapted to daily shaving, and it’s smooth, clean and never irritates).  I assume it is nice during oral…no worries of hairs (always not so nice to have to stop and pick a hair out of your mouth!)

At the same time, I admit, a hairy girl is stimulating also!  I think back to my first experience— my hand going below the panty-line and the feeling of finding that thick thatch of hair. Heaven!  It never would stop me from being oral. I’ve also had a girlfriend that would trim, neatly, but never would shave (though she would shave me!).  Double standards I guess.

There’s one great thing if you do have a hairy girl:  there is the potential to shave them!  It’s such an incredible erotic thing to experience from both sides.  Shaving a hairy pussy takes time, trust(!), care, attention to detail and patience.  And like my experience being shaved, you can’t help but get aroused. I could do another column on tips and tools (DO get some bikini razors for those tight spots), but it is an extended bit of foreplay where only the razors and pubic hairs know when foreplay is over and it’s time for a rinse and taste test.  I love the visuals of the woman’s wetness mixing with the swirling shave gel. There are times when I need to gentle move the labia aside, or push it gently (always) to the side to get things right. Looking up at her nude body is incredible arousing as I work—sculpting beauty out of beauty.

Most recently I asked her if she might grow her hair-down-there out. Just curious how thick it might get.  After all, I can always shave it off again.

Public (Pubic) service announcement. I did get itchy bumps after that original dry shave experience (still experience was so worth it). But there’s so much I know now. If you are a first time shaver, please, read as many articles online as you can.. they are very helpful and can enable you to minimize and/or avoid any discomfort: get good shave gel, get clean, new sharp razors, and get post-shave (pubic aftershave) products that help keep the area moist and less likely to get irritated. I found my area adapted to daily shaving, and it was so maintenance free it’s why I adopted the hairless look there for quite some time. Just made me feel clean visually, and clean = confident.

I suppose you could wax too, but I haven’t experienced it.  Good luck!

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